Jan 4, 2009

learn about friendship from ABC..

Always be honest
Be there when they need you
Cheer them on
Don’t look for their faults
Encourage their dreams, what would we be without them
Forgive them, you might do something wrong sometimes
Get together often
Have faith in them, human being remarkable
Include them, for you need to be included sometimes
Just be there when they need you
Know when they hug and couldn’t see one
Love them unconditionally
Make them feel special
Never forget them
Offer them help
Praise them honestly and openly
Quietly disagree and you make not enemy
Really listen to your friend’s heart
Say you’re sorry
Talk frequently, communication is important
Use good judgment
Verbalize your feelings
Wish them luck, hopefully good
Xamine your motives before you help out
Your words count, use them wisely
Zip your lips when being told some secret
Terima kasih daun keladi, Jemput datang baca entry saya lagi! XD


marissa norfis said...

"Praise them honestly and openly"

haha...ak mmg open kan....hope no hard feeling sepanjang kita jd kawan nih.....ok tengku...

~ f - i - e ~ said...

ko open pe 2 marissa?.. xde hard feeling lah ngan ko.. Tengku xsimpan dendam..lau ade 2 dah kena tulah awal2 g..